Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our Final Report


Assalamualaikum w.b and a very good day , Firstly , we felt very thankful to the Creator to give us strength to go on to make this innovation of food successfully. To our best supporters our loving one ,For our respectful lecturer Chef Zaid that never give up on us to be the best of the best. Not forget , for all our friends that had been facing the journey together. Thank You..!!! good job!



Vada also known as vadai, wada or vade (pronounced "vah-daa", "vah-dey", or "vah-die"), is a savoury snack from South India. Vada can vary in shape and size, but are usually either doughnut- or disc-shaped and are about between 5 and 8 cm across. They are made from dal, lentil, gram flour or potato.
Vada is a traditional South Indian food known from antiquity. Although they are commonly prepared at home, vadas are as well a typical street food in the Indian Subcontinent and Sri Lanka. They are usually a morning food, but in street stalls and in railway stations, as well as inside the Indian Railways, they are available as a snack all through the day.
The main vada types are:
Ullundhu vadai made with Urad dal (black gram) flour. This vada is shaped like a doughnut, with a hole in the middle. It is the most common vada type throughout South India, especially Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala.Also referred to as medhu vadai
Por paruppu vadai . A dal vada whose main ingredient is toor dal. It is made with the whole lentils and is shaped roughly like a flying saucer. This type of vada is also called aamai vadaiin Tamil Nadu.


our objective is create a new product of food in 7 we create a innovated vade that is combination of a lot types of peas and nuts but lastly we only use pistachio and cashewnut that make much more delicous vade and lastly we succesfully achive the purpose that what we want to do in particular time or we can say innovated and combinated vade...


- In first of class of Food Innovation , we had been told by Chef Zaid to make an unknown food that people not recognized and change the usual food to ordinary food. This called as food innoavtion. Chef taught us the basic step of innovation food such as sugar cake in the first class in kitchen and more.
- we had main problem ideas in inovation class is the three main choices of food that will be innovation. Thanksful with Chef idea's we go on to make new type vade with varieties of nuts.

- As usual , first process are cant be perfect but after week by weeks we use varieties of nuts such as black nuts , ground nuts , and more. After a long journey to find the best nuts to make vade, we choose two types the best nuts Pistachious and Gajus nuts to make vade for the coming competition.

- When the day's competition coming , we had own duty rushing to heat up the vade and others member are try to make a good attention for the vade such as the posters and flyers are the main promotion and preparation for make a sweet memory in table settings.

- The vade had two types that will be show in competition is pistachios mixed gajus and vade gajus flavor.

- More 20 participants from culinary arts are participate the innoavtion competition with great idea's of food innoavtion sucha sa pumpkin kek , epal potato chips , spongebob burger , castor sugar and more.

- In competition also had lucky draw , buffet ,special guest Maria Tengku Sabri from television series "Jalan Jalan Cari Makan " and prize for 1, 2 ,3 place for the competition.




- All members together try to be the best in the competition. Check our process.

- All had their own duty that moring such as we heat up and breading process the vade and set a good table settings in student loundge.

- We use congkak as the main attraction in our table settings. Check again in each our step.

- Lastly , we pray and wish luck to everybody.


- We had a controble situation with all the judges , competitors and guest.

- We serve the customer with our next vade and waiting for the judges come to our Vade oark to commend it's.

- Judge and quest are be welcome to our park by taste the vade and fill out the commend form to give the opinion about our vade. Tis can make us realise our advantages and weakness


- we clean up the table after the announcing of winners , Alhamdullilah we get Third Place .the vade seems get's people attention.

- We clean up the table settings and say good job to each group because had has done their best in this category. Good job everyone!

- We had knew that Lecturer will had an post mortem that will be announced.we has been briefed with correction that we must do for the blog.


- The problem we faced all over the kitchen classes is breakages of the vade but alhamdulilah we has been solved the problem with measurement of water to the ingredients.

-Other than that we also faced some problem such as some of our group member did not give a
good participation to our group meeting and attendance to class.

- Had many tough competitors. They all give a good treat even though we are challenge each other innovations but they treat us like a good friend.


The recommendation from customer to our innovate are satisfying:

- The vade the guest are simple and tasty because it’s say the black pepper can be more taste than other recipes.

- The presentation that cover tables settings with congkak are been appreciate.

- Other group are done good job with their great ideas in innovation food and appearance table settings.

- Other competitors had a great taste in their innovations food such as castor sugar, pumpkin cake and more.


In Conclusion , sincerely from sawknif3e we had more knowledge about to change simple to ordinary foods, the varieties of taste , the skills in innovations , and the silaturahim in each other are more seems strong and coorperative. after this month of Innovation make us even feel confidence to straight ahead in other challenging Insya-Allah.Our hardworking are pay with the winning in competition.Alhamdullilah thanks to our beloved love's one , our respectful lecturer , our friend that together facing the challenge together and Finally for sawknif3, all are winners and nobody lose. We all are winners!!! great job!


After a full of month in Innovations class with the thankful to the Almighty , we are in the step of competition red line.

In blessed morning , each member of sawkni3e had their own duty are rushing up to get the vadai heat up's and the other member are trying their best to make a good attention in the next vadai promotion in student loundge the venue of innovations by posting sawknife posters and make a sweet memory of table settings.

- Chef Rasiyuddin

Mean while ,at the beautiful venue in student loundge more than 20 participants from culinary arts are participate the competition with a great idea's of food innovations such as pumpkin cake , epal potato chips, cucur ikan bilis , spongebob burger and more full of unique creativity and delicious taste.

Not forget , had three judges that critize food innovations that day but one of them from the popular shows in television series.

Maria Tengku Sabri from "Jalan- Jalan Cari Makan" are coming on the way..

Sawknife are felt wonderful that day with giving the flyers or baucer of the NEXT the guests and customer that visit at our vade park.

What a blessing day in the innovation competition , each customer are enjoying the vadai with a big smile, we in a high hope when the popular television host comment our vade are simple and tasty..Alhamdullilah TWO THUMBS UP !!

After a long journey we had on to make the competition fire up with vade, Finally the clock are ringing , the nerves are heating up , all innovaters together pray with hope , sweats and sweats are nonstop dropping..

The announce for the third winners are..CHENG..CHENG CHENG...



All praise to God!! our vade are been category as The Third Place Winning in this Innovation competitions..we are excited in that moments..

"all that we had gone through in this month..are really really worthful" we said with a smile to each member that had a great time to make this vade!!!.
Ehh sorry forget ready!

The second place are Castorsugar and the CHAMPIONS are !!

"UNITARIALICIOUS!!! The sweet pumpkin group..!!""

Congrats!! Congrats..Congrats to all the winners!!

not Gong xi fa chai ahh!hehe..and good jobs to all ! we are all winners!
So ladies and gentlemen..Thanks a lot for having tea time with us in this long operation to making the perfect vade's..
Hope you all the best of the best of all.May God bless you all..!take care!! see you in next century.. insya-Allah..!

" Winning and Lose are from the Creator , gain winning Not make us to be Proud !! but Winning that been given are for us to Help's those who at the back , While Losing not for tears but for Rising up your spirit to Improve Better and Better until you realise that Winning and Losing are part of Life..."


Monday, April 12, 2010

FREEZE time!!!

Finally...... the last class, 1 week before the presentation start. on the day, we're going to do again our recipe like last week.....but the different is, we're doing 2 type of vade, cashew nut vade and cashew nut mixed pistachio nut vade. we're not cook the vade dis time but freeze it after have dough it in small round size so that can prepare for presentation next week.

Before the task

we prepared the ingredient as usual


8 nos of onion
black pepper ( mashed )
aniseed( mashed )

1 tbs salt
spring onion (mashed)
red chilli
curry powder

mixed cashew and pistachio nut in the pan n fried it without oil, after done, remake this for other cashew nut for npn mixed vade

During the Task

bland the mixed nut and cashew nut

than, mixed all ingredient and do as following procedure

After the task

after have mixed all the ingredient, we make it a dough n shape it like round in small size for both vade and keep it in the tupperware and freeze it in freezer...done

gud luck for final...... :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

our 2nd Last Experiment (2nd round)

Before the Task

Chef Zaid told us that just start our product when have come in to the kitchen, so there's no briefing section. now we just need to do 2 type of vadai (the best) they are cashew nut and pistachio nut

So we prepared the ingredient


8 nos of onion
bread crumb

black pepper ( mashed )
aniseed( mashed )

3 nos eggs

1 tbs salt

spring onion (mashed)

green chilli
curry powder

During the task

1st we need to throw away pistachio nut shell or exterior hard skin, than fried and stir both nut on the pan without oil until light brown

after that bland both nut with blander, the short one

After all nut have been bland mixed all ingredient for each type of peas with same procedure except bread crumb and egg (same procedure for each type of nut)

after have make it a dough, tear in small piece and shaped it like round shape and breading it with eggs and bread crum

Lastly we can fried it just for 3 to 4 minute

Done with all type of nuts

After the task

After all student have finish with their work, Chef Zaid gather with all of us and talked about our last class, next week. he said that, at particular day, each group need to do something with our product so that we can easily prepare for the product by exam day.

Gud luck to our classmate... :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

our 2nd Last Experiment

Before the task

we prepare the ingrediant 1st


8 nos of onion

bread crumb

black pepper ( mashed )
aniseed( mashed )

3 nos eggs

1 tbs salt

spring onion (mashed)

red chilli


cashew nut
pistachio nut
chick peas (boiled)

During the task

bland all peas

Mixed all ingredient for each type of peas with same procedure except bread crumb and egg

after have make it a dough, tear in small piece and shaped it like round shape and breading it with eggs and bread crum

Lastly we can fried it just for 4 to 5 minute

Done with all type of peas