Tuesday, March 30, 2010

our 2nd Last Experiment

Before the task

we prepare the ingrediant 1st


8 nos of onion

bread crumb

black pepper ( mashed )
aniseed( mashed )

3 nos eggs

1 tbs salt

spring onion (mashed)

red chilli


cashew nut
pistachio nut
chick peas (boiled)

During the task

bland all peas

Mixed all ingredient for each type of peas with same procedure except bread crumb and egg

after have make it a dough, tear in small piece and shaped it like round shape and breading it with eggs and bread crum

Lastly we can fried it just for 4 to 5 minute

Done with all type of peas

Monday, March 22, 2010


WeLCoMe tO oUr InnOvAtIons GallErY

Amirul ! with all ingredients.

Onion, curyy powder , aniseed ,chili's...erm!!

the SECRET RECIPE of Vadai

fuhh..fuhh..try to fly out the skin ah sahadath?

Was boild up the WANTED NUTS
Gajus , Pistacios , Chick pea

Wah..got styles ah heat up the pan!

Salam to Superb Innovation Group UniRazak!!

Firstly! hows your weekend??
Hope it's sweets like our delicious vadai...!

As usual, we will go on to completed our innovations in Vadai..hehe ,now we will see in it


4 nos of onion
bread crumb
wheat flour
white pepper ( mashed )
aniseed ( mashed )
2 nos eggs - 1 tbs salt
curry leaf
curry powder
spring onion (mashed)
red chili ( chop )

white and red Onion

it seems all almost the same ingredients.The difference are we use green chili chopped it smoothly , white pepper ( last week is black pepper ) and varities of delicious nuts.^^!!
this time , no worries for the process , but we just worries people taste it too delicious..hehe


the top 3 WANTED nuts is:

1) pistachio nuts
2) Gajus
3) Chickpea ( kacang kuda )

CAUTION !! This process of cooking are using breading or put it mix together eggs and bread crumbs.

Now we share how to make our Vadai Secret Recipe method are..hihi..shuu~~

- Firstly , we peel out all varities of nuts and blend with food processor. Next , we must cut all the chilli 's , onion , and other ingredients with chopped style. Make sure that we had heat up the oil for make be ready to cook vadai.

- Now the shape we must gently shaped it with some flour and bit of water for make the vadai soft with all the ingredients especially curry powder because the curry make the taste

hmm..yummy, for our group is in round shape but the shape can be anything according

your own creativity.

- Finally , can eat it already , hehe..NO ! (Joking )..we fried it after we had shaped it nicely.
(Alhamdullilah...FINISH ALREADY..!)..ok now can served with your loves one.^^

The result of all of our Vadai are :

Type of Peas :


Flavors : Curry taste

Texture : Fine ( not crack )

Color : Outside brown and inside Dark Green
Tenderness : Soft


Flavors : Sweet and a bit curry taste

Texture : Fine ( not crack )

Color : Brown

Tenderness : medium soft

Chick Pea ( Kacang Kuda )
Flavors : Medium taste ( the taste of salt and curry powder )

Texture : Fine ( not crack )

Color : Yellow

Tenderness : Medium soft

Wah..this week a short day for 3 type of nuts , we had done ,usually 4 hours to make vadai but in this week , we had finished maybe in 2 half -3 hours . OK!!

nOW wE Go To oUR ReCommeNDatIon aND cONcLUsIOn

In this week , had many change that we have make such as change black peppers to white
peppers , and put curry powder .Thanks God ! now or Vadai are in WANTED LIST in innovation class especially Pistachios and gajus are sweet in it's taste.

So many of different types of nuts we had try , such as black peas , green peas , red bean and more. Finally , the best of the best of all are this 2 nuts. Insya-Allah , we will use this nuts to represent in international of cooking vadai..hehe ( Joking ). We will make a good present with this 3 type of nuts when the final show in innovation that still coming in this final exam.

Hope we will get the best and not be the best of all but we want be the best of high quality in coorperation in group . Quality of present is the important not the prizes that be a mouth tak of every innovations group .

The conclusion are , we will try the best ot find more nuts..! nuts..!..nuts or bean..to make the vadai..!not just ordinary vadai..but it's a innovation vadai..if Allah willing!


Salam see ya next week.!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

5th week....3 march 2010

Before the task

Prepared the ingredient


8 nos of onion

bread crumb

wheat flour

black pepper ( mashed )

aniseed( mashed )

3 nos eggs

1 tbs salt

curry leaf

spring onion (mashed)


Type peas

chickpeas (boiled)
green beans (boiled)
broad beans
Read beans

walnut, green peas, broad peas, and red beans after been mashed

During the task

Mixed all ingredient plus 10ml of water except bread crumb and egg

add wheat flour for easy for make a dough

after have make it a dough, tear in small piece and shaped it as doughnut shape

lastly we can fried the doughnut

NOTE*method of cooked is same for all type of peas*

After the task

we served the vada to our chef, chef Zaid for tasted it

and the result of the vada that have done

NOTE* the chick peas not done because lack of wheat flour, but will postpone to next week*

Recommendation and Conclusion

Salam to all that still hang up with us in this new week of innovations , more students that give commend in our food that the best are " vadai kacang parang " because the soft of it's tenderness are easy to chew and feel the awesome nuts in each bite . Our respectful Chef Zaid had told that we should practice every week in same process to find the better nuts to be in our food or vadai.

In this awesome week of awesome innovations , we had a new style of process by the varies of nuts mixed with eggs and bread crumbs. This process known as breading in culinary arts . The taste are more delicious thab before..! Yahoo..we had some improvement in taste of vadai , including our vadai it's structure are like a dunkin donut's.

The conclusion are when we ending of our this class in innovation are more satiesfied than the past , Alhamdullilah we had known the secret of success in innovation. The secret are the taste ( salt and additional flavor are important ) and the soft of the food that been choose . This two the things tha we had caught up when we fail in texture of last week innovations .

Insya-Allah , if God willing , we try to make our mission complete next week with more creative innovationa to come .!!

^-^ see ya..!