Saturday, February 27, 2010


Before the task

This was our first experiment. we also felt nervous how we're going finish the task and we didn't do this experiment before. we the result comes perfectly and going well.

walnut vada, green bean vada, green peas vada, soya bean vada, and chick nut vada


1 packet of oil
200g for all type of beans
1/2 table spoon of pepper (mashed rough)
salt for taste
1/2 table spoone of cumin seed (mashed rough)
1 nos of green chilli
water (the quantity depends on nut)

During the task


before mash the nuts with food processor, there are procedure for each nuts:

In separated bowl for each nuts, mixed all ingredient accept oil.

for avoid dryness, we add a little of water for each nuts.

after have mixed, make it one dough, shaped and deep fried it

Adjustment during fried for walnut and green peas

during deep fried its breaking and become smaller, so we add 1 tablespoon of wheat flour and do breading method before deep fried it.

5 type of vada that have done

All come perfectly after the task, the tastiness and colour are different there are some brown, green, yellow, and else.

The texture we are made combination of rough and soft that can avoid us from bored. we also ask other group and chef for give opinion about our vada.

Conclusion and Recommendation

We have fantastic moment of the experiment and learned something new that learned from mistake. It is, for the next experiment, we can do well such as adjustment of salt and change the soya bean to red bean vada. Thank you

Friday, February 26, 2010

3rd Report..... Fruit Leather

YEAH.. its a 3rd week for our kitchen class. This week we are doing fruit leather. Before the task start, chef Zaid ask us to choose type of fruit between granny smith, strawberries, dragon fruits, peach and and kiwi. And we choose dragon fruits for our task


4 nos of dragon fruit
25g of honey
25g of sugar

NOTE, for the dragonfruit, divided into 2 set for honey and sugar

During the task

Peel the fruits and cut into diced and separated for 2 cup for honey and sugar set

Blend the diced fruit with food processor separately until smooth. Then remove back into the bowl

Pour sugar stir it, same goes to honey for other bowl

After have stir to mixed, pour onto the tray cover with pouching paper and plain it until full cover the area of the tray

Dry both tray in oven at 60c until completely dry and no longer sticky (approximately 6 hours)

After our task have done
, we need to remove both tray from oven and let it cold down.

Lastly separated the fruit leather from the pouching paper that stick together so that we can make a record for the fruit leather features that shown

other group fruit leather, kiwi

With sugar

colour: dark purple
flavor: sweet
tenderness: soft
texture: soft sticky

With honey

colour: dark purple
flavor: sweet
tenderness: soft
texture: jellyish

Conclusion and Recomendation

In this task we had learned that food not only create for eat but also food can be crated for something useful in surronding us . Especially fruit alo can be leather. Its wonderful went we learn new inovation stuff that contains food , food and food only allowed in this class.^^ see next meeting!

Bread Experiment

Salam and a very wonderful day to our respectful lecturer Chef Zaid , as usual we will start the class with peace of mind in remembrance to the Almighty. In this second week, we still on practice the innovation that have been done by the innovators. In this great Wednesday, BREAD...!! BREAD..!! BREAD..!! only bread allowed in this experiment.
We have been told to look carefully in our formula or recipes and the steps of making the bread experiment.

Before the task

we prepare the ingredient

The ingredients

yeast, dry 7g
water at 35C 118ml
shortening 4g(1tsp)
sugar 6g(1 1/2tsp)
salt 3(1/2tsp)
all purpose flour 200g

Make for 2 set, 50 stroke and 100 stroke

During the task

For the first step add yeast to 59ml water after being certain that the water temperature is 35c, barely melt the shortening

mixed sugar, salt and remaining 59ml water in mixing bowl and add the shortening and than the yeast-water mixture, while that, stir gradually and adding the flour

after the ingredient have mixed, kneading the mixture until become soft dough for 50 stroke and other, 100 stroke

and rest it for 30 min that have been dough in bowl of both stroke

after 30min, remove from the bowl, flat and roll it so there's no occupied space in the dough and placed it in aluminum foil bowl and put in in bowl cover with plastic for another resting, both kneading stroke

50 stroke

100 stroke

Lastly, after resting, bake for 15min until bread sound hollow when being tapped and done.

After the task

picture above shown the bread that have done from other group and our group.

For our bread, we have take note base of the features that have been result

50 stroke

volume: 300
colour: brown
cell size: soft
interior colour: white
tenterness (#chews): 12


volume: 235
colour: brown
cell size: soft
interior colour: white
tenterness (#chews): 15

Conclusion and Recommendation

For this week , we only put entrance for the innovation of bread . one of the most famous food on earth..! According for the times of stroke , the result of the bread are satiesfied because the bread that had been produced by all the group are different shape , texture , conditions , the structure are totally unique .Friends^^ you can check at our picture in shown the steps and the effect of the bread. Its all happen according on our different type of process that had been told by chef Zaid. like this to make Bread..!! Bread..! See you next innovations. Salam..!

sAWknif3S's First Day

Assalamualaikum and what a great day in our first innovation day with Chef Zaid!

Before the task given , we are gather to know the basic knowledge in innovation subject.Firstly in the first week in kitchen,we are told to make an practice to make angel cake by groups.

The ingredients of angel cake are:

1) Sugar 10 g
2) Cake Flour 15 g
3) Egg Whites 41 g
4) Sugar 32 g
5) Cream of tartar 0.6g
6) Salt 0.1g

During the experiment , we are taking our kitchen tools and we start with:

1) Firstly sift flour and first weight ( 10 g ) of sugar together and set aside .
2) Beat the egg whites together to the foamy stage , using an electric mixer.
3) Add the cream of tartar and salt.
4) We continue beating on the fastest mixer settings while gradually adding 32 g sugar.
5) Next steps, we fold in gently with 10 strokes bend over .Sift 1/4 of the flour - sugar mixture over the whites and fold in gently with 10 strokes , followed by the same process for the third addition.
6) Sift the final 1 / 4of the flour - sugar mixture over the foam and fold 20 strokes to completely blend the mixture.

( Making a total of 50 folding with the rubber spatula .

7) Gently push and weigh 99 g of the the batter into the pan.

Finally , Bake until the surface springs back when touched lightly with a finger ( 30 minutes ) .



For the 3rd procedure we need to verify the cream of tartar

1st test, No cream of tartar - prepare the basic formula, but omit the cream of tartar

2nd test, double cream of tartar - prepare the basic formula, but use double (1.2g) cream of tartar

Lastly for the final implementation, our 3rd procedure had shown a good result.

Our cream tartar in angel cake, 1stly in none process the baking time is 30min the value of cream is 80g. the exterior of the cake in colour are pale brown and the shape is uncooked. the texture of crumb are chewy and the tenderness when we chews is 8 times.

For the double process, the baking time is 30min and its volume are 80g. the exterior of the double tartar cream are in brown colour with uncooked shape. the texture of crumb are chewy. and we we chews 8 times for it tenderness

Conclusion and Recommendation

Salam and a good day for all follower especially our respectful Chef Zaid. Finally , we are in a garden of innovations. We are groups that want to catch knowledge to make us better and be better to sure success are on our hands . One of the knowledge that we are looking now are the culinary knowledge . We had a great time in this innovation class. The Lecturer are great.! and the students...! well all are cool...this is our first class in innovations , to make a superb cake..

The cake that we make are more to make a differences between the cake have cream of tartar or non cream inside the cake .

The result shown that with the cream of tartar, the cake seems delicious to chewy like sweets..

and the non cream , the cake seems usual. It best with the cream of tartar.

Well we taking about student from unitar..heh

We hope we can make the best and be the best in innovations for the next meeting. Insya-Allah.!
^-^ See you all ya..!