Tuesday, April 6, 2010

our 2nd Last Experiment (2nd round)

Before the Task

Chef Zaid told us that just start our product when have come in to the kitchen, so there's no briefing section. now we just need to do 2 type of vadai (the best) they are cashew nut and pistachio nut

So we prepared the ingredient


8 nos of onion
bread crumb

black pepper ( mashed )
aniseed( mashed )

3 nos eggs

1 tbs salt

spring onion (mashed)

green chilli
curry powder

During the task

1st we need to throw away pistachio nut shell or exterior hard skin, than fried and stir both nut on the pan without oil until light brown

after that bland both nut with blander, the short one

After all nut have been bland mixed all ingredient for each type of peas with same procedure except bread crumb and egg (same procedure for each type of nut)

after have make it a dough, tear in small piece and shaped it like round shape and breading it with eggs and bread crum

Lastly we can fried it just for 3 to 4 minute

Done with all type of nuts

After the task

After all student have finish with their work, Chef Zaid gather with all of us and talked about our last class, next week. he said that, at particular day, each group need to do something with our product so that we can easily prepare for the product by exam day.

Gud luck to our classmate... :)

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