Saturday, February 27, 2010


Before the task

This was our first experiment. we also felt nervous how we're going finish the task and we didn't do this experiment before. we the result comes perfectly and going well.

walnut vada, green bean vada, green peas vada, soya bean vada, and chick nut vada


1 packet of oil
200g for all type of beans
1/2 table spoon of pepper (mashed rough)
salt for taste
1/2 table spoone of cumin seed (mashed rough)
1 nos of green chilli
water (the quantity depends on nut)

During the task


before mash the nuts with food processor, there are procedure for each nuts:

In separated bowl for each nuts, mixed all ingredient accept oil.

for avoid dryness, we add a little of water for each nuts.

after have mixed, make it one dough, shaped and deep fried it

Adjustment during fried for walnut and green peas

during deep fried its breaking and become smaller, so we add 1 tablespoon of wheat flour and do breading method before deep fried it.

5 type of vada that have done

All come perfectly after the task, the tastiness and colour are different there are some brown, green, yellow, and else.

The texture we are made combination of rough and soft that can avoid us from bored. we also ask other group and chef for give opinion about our vada.

Conclusion and Recommendation

We have fantastic moment of the experiment and learned something new that learned from mistake. It is, for the next experiment, we can do well such as adjustment of salt and change the soya bean to red bean vada. Thank you

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