Friday, February 26, 2010

3rd Report..... Fruit Leather

YEAH.. its a 3rd week for our kitchen class. This week we are doing fruit leather. Before the task start, chef Zaid ask us to choose type of fruit between granny smith, strawberries, dragon fruits, peach and and kiwi. And we choose dragon fruits for our task


4 nos of dragon fruit
25g of honey
25g of sugar

NOTE, for the dragonfruit, divided into 2 set for honey and sugar

During the task

Peel the fruits and cut into diced and separated for 2 cup for honey and sugar set

Blend the diced fruit with food processor separately until smooth. Then remove back into the bowl

Pour sugar stir it, same goes to honey for other bowl

After have stir to mixed, pour onto the tray cover with pouching paper and plain it until full cover the area of the tray

Dry both tray in oven at 60c until completely dry and no longer sticky (approximately 6 hours)

After our task have done
, we need to remove both tray from oven and let it cold down.

Lastly separated the fruit leather from the pouching paper that stick together so that we can make a record for the fruit leather features that shown

other group fruit leather, kiwi

With sugar

colour: dark purple
flavor: sweet
tenderness: soft
texture: soft sticky

With honey

colour: dark purple
flavor: sweet
tenderness: soft
texture: jellyish

Conclusion and Recomendation

In this task we had learned that food not only create for eat but also food can be crated for something useful in surronding us . Especially fruit alo can be leather. Its wonderful went we learn new inovation stuff that contains food , food and food only allowed in this class.^^ see next meeting!

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